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RE: Inde CD

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Mike Manly wrote:
> People who are installing onto bare machines (without an OS already)
> will probably have relatively new machines that support booting from
Maybe not, some inexpensive older boxes are being used to run Linux
because some people don't want to try duel booting a machine and take a
chance on destroying their Windows install. They install Linux on the
old machine to try it. My 200 MMX was bought in 1997 and did not
support booting from CD, not until I upgraded the BIOS.

> People with older machines will already have an OS installed. Since,
> we're talking about Intel machines here - that OS will almost certainly
> be Windoze but may be one of the Intel Unixes (i.e. Linux, FreeBDS,
> Solaris, SCO, etc.) - anybody using a Unix box will know a reasonable
> amount about Unix and will be able to follow instructions to run
> dd to create a disk. Anyone using Windoze will be able to click on
> an icon which can run rawrite to write a boot disk for them or even
> fire into an install directly using loadlin.
I don't think loadlin can be run directly out of Windows. It needs to
be run in DOS. Unless maybe you plan on copying over the Windows
installation. If your planning to duel boot, you may break Windows. One
thing programming has taught me, you cannot assume what the user is
going to do, you must provide for every possibility. And even then, you
still won't think of them all!

> This deals with the majority of cases with a minimum of effort and
> without the need to distribute floppies.

No, floppies. Boot from CD or make the boot disk. It's not hard.
> As it is a boot disk it should just run directly into the install.
> You shouldn't need a supp disk for a CDROM install.
Indy 6.0-0.2 should boot exactly like RH 6.0, no supp disk is needed.
It should be exactly the same installer. As far as long winded
instructions, they've already been written before by Red Hat and
others. The instructions are on the Red Hat 6.0 CD, we just change it a
little to make it a little more Indy specific. Then we print them on...

> Inside front cover of the Jewel case. 


> Anybody feel up to doing some artwork for the front cover
> and the CD?

I've got software to do it, it came with my CD recorder. It has
templates, so it's easy to do. As far as the artwork? Well I'm no
artist, but I could come up with something. Even if it means using the
Independence Logo on the website. At least people will have seen it.

BTW I can also make CD-RW's, and like you said, I make an RW first, and
test it. That way I don't end up burning a coaster8^))

I say you can't have too much information. I say provide as much as we
can with the CD. The effort involved will be worth it, even if it
only helps one person. You never know who that one person may turn out
to be!


R.G. Mayhue

	The moral progression of a people can scarcely begin till they
	are independent.
						--James Martineau

	Go get your Independence Linux now!