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Re: Four small programming tasks for this version or the next.

JF Martinez wrote:
> 1) The PPP configurator used for installation has a pathetically bad
>     UI and in addition doesn't configure DNS.  Fix it.

I think that the whole ppp configurator has to be
rewritten. We are going to start doing it after 4 weeks.
I will be (at least partly) based on kppp.

> 2) Handling conflicts in installation.  This would allow us to ship
>     some software we can't ship now because it would conflict with
>     some other software we are shipping.

Is this the problem with rh install installing rpms in
alphabetical order?

We will also solve this by making a new installer. There
will be differend sets of rpms: pre-install, install and
post-install. Post-install rpms will be language dependent.

The installer will be ready for testing within 2 months.

> 4) There is a little trick who can double or trebble the graphic
> performùance of the box with modern processors.  Some games become
> fast to be played.  :-) This is shell work but we need to hack
> Xconfigurator in order to collect some data needed

What kind of hack?


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