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RE: Inde CD

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, matt wrote:

> Loadlin can be run from within w95 by setting a link (shortcut) to run in
> ms-dos mode. This makes windows shutdown, start a dos command intepreter,
Thanks Matt for clearing that up for me, I guess you could do it that
way. I wasn't thinking8-(
> In the long run I think it might be simpler to offer two choices: boot from
> cd, or make boot floppies. Boot floppies are hard on the instant
> gratification scale, but they work. 
> Loadlin & related docs/tools could still be included in a DosUtils
> directory on the cd.
I agree. Offer both. If the CD won't boot, I think the best thing would
be the .bat file to run rawrite idea. The user can do everything within
the Windows GUI. And your right, they work.

Loadlin should be in a folder on the CD, as well as rawrite, fips and
others. Same as on RH 6.0


R.G. Mayhue

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