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Re: Inde CD

>< As far as making a CD bootable, the question is, bootable into what?
>> type of image that runs like the floppies?  From DOS?  What?

>Make it just like the current RH cd.  It boots directly into the setup
>program.  Let's make it easy for people.

Or boot from DOS by going to a directory on the CD where a user could use
loadlin. It will then go into seting up the HD. Just like a Cheap bytes
CD. Requires less explanation than rawrite to create a boot disk.

> Also, when we distrib. the cd's do we also distribute a boot
disk/supplimental >disk with the cd for people who can't boot from cd?

We could include rawrite on the CD, requires more explantation though.

>Or do we create a long winded readme file that explains
>how to create a boot/supp disk from each os?  And that assumes people
>have an OS installed to view the readme file.  Or do we include a sheet
>paper explaining how to create the disks?

A quick read of what is necessary on a sheet of paper to get started,
strong hints about reading a few necessary howto files on the disk for
first time users.

>There's more than just burning the cd that we need to think about.

The simpler the better. I don't know if a person goes into a new OS
blindly, from reading the Usenet groups, most don't. They do a bit of
reading beforehand, but in my experience, a lot of hand holding is
usually nice.

> Also, how do we send the cd's?  Standard  mail?  UPS ground?  People's

The latter. First class US Mail would be about a dollar, it gets there in
two days. Once one knows the exact cost, let the postman pick it up from
your mail box.

> We need to start working on the details of distributing Inde.

Lee says we can download the ISO boot image, but I am still of the mind
to have each CD the same, as RG mentioned. Have one or two to pass around
to the volunteers.

As to how it is done?, it just needs to be ready.


Jean tells us the latest version is about ready, if we are ready he can
announce it and let all know that the CD can be had from those who have
volunteered to send one for the cost of the CD and the mail cost, cheaper
than Cheap bytes.