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Re: Inde CD

In a message dated 8/15/99 9:49:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time, lee@insync.net 

<< As far as making a CD bootable, the question is, bootable into what?  Some
 type of image that runs like the floppies?  From DOS?  What? >>

Make it just like the current RH cd.  It boots directly into the setup 
program.  Let's make it easy for people.  Also, when we distrib. the cd's do 
we also distribute a boot disk/supplimental disk with the cd for people who 
can't boot from cd?  Or do we create a long winded readme file that explains 
how to create a boot/supp disk from each os?  And that assumes people already 
have an OS installed to view the readme file.  Or do we include a sheet of 
paper explaining how to create the disks?  There's more than just burning the 
cd that we need to think about.  Also, how do we send the cd's?  Standard 
mail?  UPS ground?  People's choice?  We need to start working on the details 
of distributing Inde. 

Max DiOrio