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Re: Inde CD

On Sun, 15 Aug 1999, Lee Sharp wrote:
>    Only one person needs to do it, then upload the .iso to the server.  We
> just need to make sure ours works in Windows, unlike the Mandrake boys. :-)
> As far as making a CD bootable, the question is, bootable into what?  Some
> type of image that runs like the floppies?  From DOS?  What?

To make things easier, I think it (the install program) should be loadable
from Windows, i.e. insert the CD, and run D:\install (or have it on
autorun), it should also be accessable from DOS, and also from a boot up
disk. If this isn't too much!

How long before Inde 6 is ready? I've been having some problems with my
box(SuSE 5.2), and think a re-install seems the best answer, but I'd quite
like to install Inde, so it makes sence to wait until inde 6 is out before
re-installing anything.

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