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Re: Inde CD

>Make it just like the current RH cd.  It boots directly into the setup
>program.  Let's make it easy for people.

   This means the setup program on the CD has to be modified, as well as the
boot disks.  Hand off the Jean now. :-)

>   ...  Also, when we distrib. the cd's do
>we also distribute a boot disk/supplimental disk with the cd for people who
>can't boot from cd?  Or do we create a long winded readme file that
>how to create a boot/supp disk from each os?  And that assumes people
>have an OS installed to view the readme file.  Or do we include a sheet of
>paper explaining how to create the disks?

   I say no floppies, and have boot disk creation directions on the label.
One of the reasons I was talking about a standard label. :-)  I don't like
mailing floppies, because you know they will ship next to the industrial
magnets, and we will have to support that. :-)

>   ...  There's more than just burning the
>cd that we need to think about.  Also, how do we send the cd's?  Standard
>mail?  UPS ground?  People's choice?  We need to start working on the
>of distributing Inde.

   Actually, I would say distributors choice. <under a week>  Some places
UPS is good, others will want USPS.  Others may have a FedEx account that
makes it easy for them.  As long as it gets there within a week, it should
not matter.  Let's make it easy on the poor guy we are not paying. :-)