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Re: Inde CD

>Welcome aboard. When I think of the Northern Territories, brrrr.

<brrrr> It's not so bad if you have the right clothes. :-)

>A friend in BC is not enamored of the PO up there, takes nearly two weeks
>to get a letter from me.

Well, part of that would be the cross border thing. A couple of years ago I
ordered a package from california. When it didn't arrive in 6 weeks I
called them up and complained a lot. They sent another package, which
arrived in about 3 weeks. 2 weeks later I recieved the first package. :-)
They were both shipped DHL world mail.

Anyhow, I've found UPS or Fedex to more reliable for x-border shipping. For
inside Canada, there's express post which pretty much guarantees 1-3 days
from coast to coast to coast within Canada.