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Re: Inde CD

Lee Sharp wrote:
> >Make it just like the current RH cd.  It boots directly into the setup
> >program.  Let's make it easy for people.
>    This means the setup program on the CD has to be modified, as well as the
> boot disks.  Hand off the Jean now. :-)

Don't believe this to be true. The RedHat bootable CDs boot using the
boot image as the floppy disk image. Jean has a modified floppy disk
that installs from a CD - all you need to do is write the CD with that 
image on it in such a way that it boots the floppy disk image exactly as
if you'd booted from that floppy.

> >   ...  Also, when we distrib. the cd's do
> >we also distribute a boot disk/supplimental disk with the cd for people who
> >can't boot from cd?  Or do we create a long winded readme file that
> explains
> >how to create a boot/supp disk from each os?  And that assumes people
> already
> >have an OS installed to view the readme file.  Or do we include a sheet of
> >paper explaining how to create the disks?
>    I say no floppies, and have boot disk creation directions on the label.
> One of the reasons I was talking about a standard label. :-)  I don't like
> mailing floppies, because you know they will ship next to the industrial
> magnets, and we will have to support that. :-)

I agree - floppies are a pain. Make the CD bootable - if anyone can't
off CD then give instructions as too how to create a boot floppy. I
say a short instruction sheet rather than on the label. The label on the
CD itself should be bold and to the point - just the name, logo, version
and release date i.e. Linux Independence 6.0-0.2 September ?? 1999.
Additionally it would be a good idea to include the Indy URL on the CD
Definitly somewhere within the package. Possibly also a space for a 
'Distributed by' and the distributors web page but this would probably
better kept to the jewel case or an insert.

Anything longer should go on the back of the jewel case if provided with
a jewel case or on a insert sheet.

Talking of Jewel cases what are people thoughts on Jewel Cases? - should 
the Indy CD be supplied in a jewel case or leave it up to the individual
distributor or ...

Also, make the CD readable with long file name support under as many OS
as possible. This would make life easier for people who want to read any
included Electronic Documentation before installation and for creating
boot floppies if neccessary. Ideally a directory with a program which
can automatically create a boot floppy for each OS. Windows could be a
.bat file that runs rawrite with the floppy image. Linux a script which
calls dd - would work on some other unixs as well - anybody have a list
floppy disk device names under Unix variants. Anybody want to come up
with methods for other OSs? Mac? OS/2? ;-)
> >   ...  There's more than just burning the
> >cd that we need to think about.  Also, how do we send the cd's?  Standard
> >mail?  UPS ground?  People's choice?  We need to start working on the
> details
> >of distributing Inde.
>    Actually, I would say distributors choice. <under a week>  Some places
> UPS is good, others will want USPS.  Others may have a FedEx account that
> makes it easy for them.  As long as it gets there within a week, it should
> not matter.  Let's make it easy on the poor guy we are not paying. :-)

Give the choice to the guy receiving the package. Ideally give the
option of
a standard delivery (should be reasonably quick but not too expensive.)
guaranteed fast delivery (very quick - preferably next day but at a
Obviously this depends on the shipping options available in each part of

>             Lee