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Re: Inde CD

|> To the volunteers willing to make a few or a bunch of CDs, could we get
|> one person who has all the necessary files on one CD to send it to one of
|> us and then the other could pass it along, after making a copy, of
|> course.

|I had a similar idea. That way anyone burning CD's would *ALL* be in
|sync with each other, suppling the same product, and a lot less
|confusion in case someone leaves something out by accident.

|Who's going to make the master? And I guess it should be bootable.

   Only one person needs to do it, then upload the .iso to the server.  We
just need to make sure ours works in Windows, unlike the Mandrake boys. :-)
As far as making a CD bootable, the question is, bootable into what?  Some
type of image that runs like the floppies?  From DOS?  What?

|I think a list on the Indy site would be OK, let the interested person
|contact whomever is closest to them that's on the list.

   That makes a lot of sence.  Do it regionally.  Click on this map for the
distribution site cloest to you. :-)  We should also have something for a
standard cover.  If we all download the same iso, and the same cover file,
everyone will have the same CD untill we can get cheapbytes to sell it.  I
will cover the Republic of Texas. :-)