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Re: Open Source Knowledge Base (Linux Knowledge Base revisited)

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, Donovan wrote:
> Something fairly specific is needed. To get something that will be helpful
> to a newbie, you will need to be prepared to make several assumptions ( eg
> that they have KDE installed, that they have RPM, or whatever ) 
We need to write about what's in Indy. We know what's in the distro and
we know what the newbie will need to know to learn about Indy. We also
need to stand out as the leading distro who has good documentation
pertaining to *our* release. Everyone else will follow us. This will
help set Indy apart from the rest. We need Independence help. This my
seem a little far out, but *maybe* even a better, well thought out
format developed by Project Independence, unique to Indy. Like what RPM
is to Red Hat. Any ideas?


R.G. Mayhue