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Re: Open Source Knowledge Base (Linux Knowledge Base revisited)

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, Andrew Wood wrote:
> Perhaps a more specific Independence Help project is needed for this, then?
Yes, covering the software included with Indy and Indy specific
configurations. If not now, surely by Indy 0.3/0.4.

> Documentation format and search engine development could be done in tandem
> with any OSKB project that gets started (since the problems of finding and
> displaying information are the same), it would just be the actual content
> that would differ. What do you think?
I think Indy could benefit from something like this. It will take some
hard work at first and upkeep, but IMO it will be worth it in the long
run. We are based on Red Hat now, but evolution is inevitable.
Soon Indy will take on an identity all it's own, and (I think:) this is
a step in the right direction.

I see a willing programmer named Andrew Wood, with a good project in
mind and plenty of good ideas, and a distribution named Independence
that seeks to be the people's distribution. People need *good* easy to
read  and easy to find documentation. Sounds like a winning
combination:) Besides what do we lose? Knowledge will surely be gained
(and shared) in it's creation one way or another. True open source

R.G. Mayhue