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Re: Uploading of the source of the install

> On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, JF Martinez wrote:
> > I have uploaded the source of the install.
> > 
> > By the way I kept the automatic lilo installation for workstation and
> > personal computer install classes.  I thought these were cooked
> > installs so spirit was to make things as automatic as possible
> > 
> I understand the spirit, but if the new user wants to duel boot to
> Windows on the first partition, we will need to remind to press <TAB> at
> LILO boot and enter "dos" to get windows to boot. Otherwise they may
> think that Indy erased their windows install! Panic8^0

Humm.  One of the nice features of Indy is that LILO reminds you of
this.  I was becoming tired of seeing people in news groups unable to
reboot their boxes, specially when the answerer told them a wrong
answer like use init=/bin/sh

> BTW what do you think of GAG. I've been using it for some time now and
> it's a great boot manager. Nice GUI with icons!

Wow! In fact I asked for someone in the list to try it because I have
no time to do it myself.  Can be too late for this release but for
the future ones...

> R.G. Mayhue
> rgmayhue@serenesoftware.com

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses