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Re: Uploading of the source of the install

>I understand the spirit, but if the new user wants to duel boot to
>Windows on the first partition, we will need to remind to press <TAB> at
>LILO boot and enter "dos" to get windows to boot. Otherwise they may
>think that Indy erased their windows install! Panic8^0

I reinstalled RH 5.2, made another dumb mistake, and was using loadlin on
the CD. Problem was that RH install would not let me put the mount point
anywhere except on A:, the one Windoze wants and I use a separtate HD for
Linux. I downloaded the latest boot.img from RH, used rawrite and was
able to mount / on the hdc1 HD. Is this new? or am I getting educated.
Also, I made a lilo boot disk, slower but not taking the chance of making
another mistake. I do want to get rid of Windoze but it is going to take
>BTW what do you think of GAG. I've been using it for some time now and
>it's a great boot manager. Nice GUI with icons!

Never heard of GAG!

The list of applications: Freshmeat has all the short descriptions of
most of the apps you had on the list. How detailed would the description
of what the app is for or does have to be?

>R.G. Mayhue