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Re: Uploading of the source of the install

> On Thu, 26 Aug 1999, JF Martinez wrote:
> >
> > Humm.  One of the nice features of Indy is that LILO reminds you of
> > this.  I was becoming tired of seeing people in news groups unable to
> > reboot their boxes, specially when the answerer told them a wrong
> > answer like use init=/bin/sh
> > 
> The version of install that I used recently, less then a week ago, did
> not remind me in any way. As a matter of fact, I wondered weather it
> even installed LILO at all. I found out when GAG was overwritten in the
> MBR on hda1 that, in fact, it had been installed. I'm not clear weather
> this has been corrected in any of your recent changes to the install.

If you don't install lilo on the MBR then you see the Indy lilo
message only if the main lilo mentions the INdy partition as an
"other" partition.  That mains your old LILO boots Insy's Lilo and
then you hget Indy's prompt.  If you put Indy's kernel into your main
partition, with a root= in lilo.conf then you won't see Indy's prompot
because Indy's lilo is skipped.

> > > BTW what do you think of GAG. I've been using it for some time now and
> > > it's a great boot manager. Nice GUI with icons!
> > > 
> > 
> > Wow! In fact I asked for someone in the list to try it because I have
> > no time to do it myself.  Can be too late for this release but for
> > the future ones...
> >
> My fault for not reporting this on the list Jean. I had forgotten that
> you had posted that request. I was using os-bs since the very first
> Linux install I ever had. Then I saw GAG and tried it, I've been using
> it ever since. It's very easy to use and set up. Very well done. I
> think most any body should be able to use it. The GUI has a nice look
> to it with icons for most OS's included. It will boot up to 9
> different OS's. It would be a nice addition to Indys line-up.

It is too late for this version.

> BTW, VNC is cool! That will solve a lot of problems for me later. Nice!

Indy ships bothe the Linux parts and the Windows or Mac parts both as
clients or servers.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses