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What about the idea of linux installation from windows?

I think especially for windows users it would be really cool to have a
"setup.exe" which installs Linux.
I'm sure, if it was well done, it would boost Linux in an extreme way.

I just installed SUSE Linux and altough I'm a experienced Windows-User it
was a lot of pain.
I needed about a dozen trys and a lot of help to get it up - the network
stuff is still not working.

The problems start if you don't have a bootable CD-Rom-Drive, run NT, and
then the program for creating the boot disk needs DOS.

On the other hand, for me it's no problem to partition my hard disk from NT
by myself.

So my point is, that it would be great, if there was a specific solution for
users coming from windows (including NT). 

Gruß, Eberhard