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Re: What about the idea of linux installation from windows?

> I think especially for windows users it would be really cool to have a
> "setup.exe" which installs Linux.
> I'm sure, if it was well done, it would boost Linux in an extreme way.

Caldera makes a superb installation who starts from Windows.  Its
source will be freed in a few days.  We have not enough resources to
make one of our oan.

> I just installed SUSE Linux and altough I'm a experienced Windows-User it
> was a lot of pain.
> I needed about a dozen trys and a lot of help to get it up - the network
> stuff is still not working.

That is not related to NT but to network cards or Suse's config tool.
Are you using Ethernet or TokenRing?

> The problems start if you don't have a bootable CD-Rom-Drive, run NT, and
> then the program for creating the boot disk needs DOS.

There is an NT program who allows you to a copy a raw image to a
floppy.   I don't remember name and I am not an NT user.

> On the other hand, for me it's no problem to partition my hard disk from NT
> by myself.
> So my point is, that it would be great, if there was a specific solution for
> users coming from windows (including NT). 

Are you an experienced NT programmer.  ;-)

> Gruß, Eberhard 

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses