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Re: What about the idea of linux installation from windows?

There is an NT program who allows you to a copy a raw image to a
floppy.   I don't remember name and I am not an NT user.

There is a DOS interupt that I used for copying onto any sector of the
floppy you like.  I don't have that info here but as I remember it you just
put a pointer into one of the registers for the starting point in memory
which you want to copy.  Another register takes the sector number on the
floppy.  The interupt is called direct write to diskette I think.  Could be
hex 13 or 0D.  I forget.  You put it all of the pointers and such into the
registers then
INT 13
or something like that.  I used it to make word for word copies of my own
things.  It copies system files or anything else bit for bit, just a raw
image into the boot sector or any place you want it.