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Re: Re: What about the idea of linux installation from windows?


thanks for your answer.
I didn't want to use this list as a support tool. I just wanted to
give an impression about the kind of problems a Windows User

Jean Francois Martinez wrote: 
>Caldera makes a superb installation who starts from Windows.  Its
>source will be freed in a few days.  We have not enough resources to
>make one of our oan.

I'll try it.

>That is not related to NT but to network cards or Suse's config tool.
>Are you using Ethernet or TokenRing?

I'm using Ethernet in a company NT environment that I can't control.
My problem is that I don't know how to configure the DHCP client. As I 
understood DHCP, there should be no manual configuration at all. But how
can I tell the other clients that they get their configuration from 
This is mainly a documentation issue. Especially when targeting the
"(Simple) End User", who doesn't live in a linux community, (printed!)
documentation is extremely important. 

>> The problems start if you don't have a bootable CD-Rom-Drive, run NT, and
>> then the program for creating the boot disk needs DOS.

>There is an NT program who allows you to a copy a raw image to a
>floppy.   I don't remember name and I am not an NT user.

Please tell me, if you remember it again.

>Are you an experienced NT programmer.  ;-)
Sorry, I'm not. Maybe some years later...
Could be that then there is a strong need for programmers for this old
M$ stuff. ;-).

Gruß, Eberhard