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Re: What about the idea of linux installation from windows?

> Hallo,
> thanks for your answer.
> I didn't want to use this list as a support tool. I just wanted to
> give an impression about the kind of problems a Windows User
> experiences.
> Jean Francois Martinez wrote: 
> >Caldera makes a superb installation who starts from Windows.  Its
> >source will be freed in a few days.  We have not enough resources to
> >make one of our oan.
> I'll try it.
> >That is not related to NT but to network cards or Suse's config tool.
> >Are you using Ethernet or TokenRing?
> I'm using Ethernet in a company NT environment that I can't control.
> My problem is that I don't know how to configure the DHCP client. As I 
> understood DHCP, there should be no manual configuration at all. But how
> can I tell the other clients that they get their configuration from 

In fact you just install the dhcpcd package and if, for instance, you
are configuring the first Ethernet card (eth0) then you click dhcp
configuration in your networking setup tool.  This in valid in RedHat
and Indy I don't know about Suse.

About dhcp the config of the cards by dhcp comes in the very first
phase of the network start and it is dhcp client work (or it is
associated scripts) to configure name resolution.  Once dhcp ends its
work clients should not see any difference between a statically
defined address and a dynamic one.

But before trying dhcp I suggest you reboot
DOS/W95/W98/Old_technologies and just note the address they are using
(do an ipconfig in a DOS window) and use the same with Linux in order
to be able to distringuish between hardware related problems (like
unsupported card) and dhcp specific ones.

Notice that when I was talking of DHCP I didn't meant DHCPD (who
assigns addresses to clients) but DHCPCD (who asks adress from a

> This is mainly a documentation issue. Especially when targeting the
> "(Simple) End User", who doesn't live in a linux community, (printed!)
> documentation is extremely important. 

One day I hope we will have printed doc.  For now I try to expnad the
range of supported printers or (in Indy 0.1) to ensure that the X
postcript or pdf viewers provide better output than in other distribs.

> >> The problems start if you don't have a bootable CD-Rom-Drive, run NT, and
> >> then the program for creating the boot disk needs DOS.
> >There is an NT program who allows you to a copy a raw image to a
> >floppy.   I don't remember name and I am not an NT user.
> Please tell me, if you remember it again.

Not a chance

> >Are you an experienced NT programmer.  ;-)
> Sorry, I'm not. Maybe some years later...

Better become a Linux programmer.

> Could be that then there is a strong need for programmers for this old
> unknown
> M$ stuff. ;-).

I hope the need is in programmers for porting from NT to Linux.  :-)

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses