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Re: About the propaganda

The draft I proposed a couple days ago has several flaws:

First it should not use "you" but "we".  Indy aims at being a user's
distribution made by users

Independence Day

Over 2 centuries ago influenced by french philosophes our founding fathers
drew up the documents that outlined their desire to de lice themselves of
the monarchy and the church.  As the unfettered *third estate* - *We the
People* emerged as the heavy weight champion in control of all the goodies.
After the French Revolution Admiral Lafayette gave the key to the Bastille
to General George Washington.  You can see it today at Mount Vernon.  When
you read the constitution you will see no mention of the church or names of
their icons.  You will read only *We the People*.  "We have the whole world
in our hands."  Lets go for it macro assemblers.  Lets do it.  If this be
Indy "Then let us make the most of it".  We have gone this far.  Lets do it.

Lets change the *you* to the *We the People*.

Edmund Pendleton Lively