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About the propaganda

The draft I proposed a couple days ago has several flaws:

First it should not use "you" but "we".  Indy aims at being a user's
distribution made by users not by an elite living in an ivory tower.
So the use of "we".

Second: It must insist on problems who are not dealt by present
distributions but the use of "Despair and die" is perhaps too strong.

My personal opinion about present distributions is that they think in
a Unix user using a Unix system while they should think in a Linux
user (Linux has a different sociology) using a Linux sytem (Linux is
cost effective for tasks Unix is not so Linux has a chance to be used
for them if we propose tools and we think in the kind of users who
will be performing these tasks).

Third: It should tell something about being a volunteer project and
that we will be more ambitious once we get more manpower (or soemthing
in thats sense).

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses