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Re: Immediate road map

I'd be interested in helping out with this too, as I'm after little tips
like this as well. They might also be incorporated into a knowledge base
program if I ever write one or if the LinuxKB project wants them.

Perhaps we ought to work out a grading system for marking how advanced the
tips are? That way we don't lose out on the really techy tips but don't
deluge new users with stuff they can't understand.

- Andrew

On Fri, 3 Dec 1999, David Webster wrote:

> I'm on a number of Linux/computing related lists, it might be worth me
> asking there.
> How do we want to organise it? Get all the tips sent to one person who can
> then compile a list and post, or get them and post as we go? It might be
> better for one person to collate all the tips and then post them when it's
> finished. I'd be willing for them to be sent to me on my address
> (cog@seul.org), because people who aren't subscribed can't post to this
> list, can they.
> Also with the collection, should we go with different levels of
> difficulty, or just get newbie ones? 
> I think it might be a good idea if we gave the tip submitter credit e.g.
> Some cool linux tip here
> 	submitted by <name>