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Re: Immediate road map

David Webster wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, JF Martinez wrote:
> > By the way we should consider not overburden the user with install
> > questions, and have programs asking in case it is a first boot.  My 2c
> > and somewhat doubt riddn idea.
> I think I'd prefer to have everything set up in one go. If that means lots
> of questions,"so be it". Better when they're answering questions, than
> figuring it out during install.
> Perhaps the install could give the user the option: "Do you want to set up
> <blah> now. If you choose 'no' you can set it up at any time by running
> 'config-program'.

I agree with the "one go" concept.  I have a personal problem with the
"later" option, because, at the time of installation, I either think
that I won't need the option, or that the path to the install is obvious
so I don't need to write it down.  Of course, when I do need it, that
obvious path has somehow become obscure and I do a lot of thrashing to
succeed with the follow-up.

Brian Wiens