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Anyone for packaging Gimp's User Manual veersion 2.

There is a new version of Gimp's user's manual.  IMHO Gimp is an
important reason for an artitically oriented person wanting to run
Linux instead of a product by some Seattle-area company.  But GIMP's
manual is _huge_ and it would cause big problems for me to upload it.

Making an RPM basing in what was done for version 1 is trivial so
could someone volunteer for doing it?  Notice that you have to donload
the PDF intead of the HTML files (PDF renderers provide a far better
qualiy output than Netscape and in addition Netscape's huge memory
consumpion would prevent many people of reading the manual with it so
our usage of PDF).

Contact me for details if you volunteer

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses