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Re: Security

On Sat, 04 Dec 1999, JF Martinez wrote:
> Present distribs are based on a classic Unix model: they are lax on
> [snip...] 
> Three solutions: integrate it on install, make it a post install
> question (ie after install the user reboots and before getting to
> first login prompt he is dropped into post install (Suse uses this
> tyechnique) or tell it in the documentation and hope for the best.
> :-)
The post install is a good idea and is best left to a system of
liberators that the user is 'dropped into' after the install. The
system of liberators that I propose to construct would be a perfect
solution and could be called at _any time_ thereafter and would
therefore be a 'reusable' solution.

The concept of the liberator is to help the user by guiding them through
the configuration step by step _with_ documentation provided in an easy to
read and understand fashion (aka, online help) so the user can
configure and use the application themselves without needing very
much PC knowledge and with the system hiding as much of the
configuration as possible. Not just a pop up that says "Contact your
system administrator and have them configure it for you!" -or- "RTFM,
visit five web sites, and come back later when you know more about it!"

IMO this should be a standard in a 'user friendly' distribution and I am
dedicated to developing a system that everyone will want to see
included in Indy. I have promised a dialup liberator and I will
deliver it along with others to be used in the above system. I am just
getting the ball rolling here with Indyaler.

BTW, the desktop system I proposed earlier is in the planning stages
with the help of some other programmers including the help of the
Xterminal's author. I hope to start working on this project early in
the beginning of next year.


R.G. Mayhue