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A couple of things.

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For the next week and a half, I'm going to have zero time. I might be
able to check my mail, and issue security updates, but as for the security
plan for 6.1, I'll think about that (taking recent posts to mind), update
it, and post in a couple of weeks.

The /security/; I'll try and up load the RPMs, but doubt I'll have
chance to do that. They'll be sorted out when I'm back online.

The Indy-compiled tarball was updated two mins ago, but could probably do
with being cron'ed, so if there is someone with access to cran, the script 
is located in /home/cog/bin/compile-indy-web or in
/home/cog/public_html/compile-indy-web (aka:
Also, I've not had the chance to test out the tarball to spot anything I
overlooked while writing the script, so if someone notices anything, mail
me offlist (on: cog@seul.org, and CC this list), as I'll probably check my
inbox, but maybe not this folder.

When I'm back; 	I'll finish the /security/ (inc. rpms, etc.)
		I'll create a site mirror on cognite.seul.org (aka
		More ideas for Security Plan
		Everything else I've said I'd do, but havn't done yet.
BTW: Incase you're wondering; I'm involved with 4 shows in various local
theatres over the next week and a half, which is why I'm so busy.

I should have chance to check this list in the mornings, but if anything
important comes up, CC to me direct (cog@seul.org OR
cognition@bigfoot.com), and then my computer will beep at me, and tell me
I've got new mail. ;)

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