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I am a strong believer of the thesis that we have to build a
distribution that will alow his user to have fun and impress friends
and that graphics is one of the best ways to do it.

Presently we have the following:

gphoto (for driving electronic cameras and fixing red eyes)
moonlight (modeller)
xfpovray (a helper for using povray)
Giram (a modeller who uses povray)

in addition I consider to include Gimp 1.1 if it is decently stable
and we will ship the versiuon 2 of its manual in PDF form (higher
quality and requiring a smaller box than HTML+netscape)

I also consider to include Sketch (vector graphics)

Problems: Moonlight is nice but dead, Giram is far from finished and
Iit seems to progrees slowly.  Xfpovray does not offer much and seems to be dead so I am considering replacing it by Tkpov but I think I will let like this for this edition.

I certainly would like Blender but there is the ethic problem: the
free version has some features disabled.  On the other hand the author
swears the featueres disabled are only useful for professional use and
the free version being fully functional for normal people.  So do we
consider as crippleware and thus let it completely out or do we
include it in a non free section?

I also have contacted the author of Lightflow (www.lightflowtech.com)
in order to calrify its status and see if it could be an laternative
to Blender.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses