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Re: States of the distribution

JF Martinez wrote:
> In the future I will post texts intended to go to the web site as
> progress reports under the title 'state of the distribution'
> (like Larry wall with its 'Reports on the state of the onion':-).
> Ie it is for web site designers to catch them as I publish them.
> Yesterday text about graphics was the first.
> Yesterday I forgot to mention about smpeg and kwintv to be included in
> the distribution.
> --
>                         Jean Francois Martinez

In the future I am supposed to be the one responsible for the
"distribution" part. So as soon as Donovan gives me control on that, I
will be able to update you works. Meanwhile I think Donovan should still
handle this? Anyway, I hope to hear from him on this.


P.S.: Is there an archive of this list? I usually directly delete mail
that doesn't seem of interest to me (you need if you're subscribed to
three mailing lists, I think...), but it could happen that I've missed