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Re: website changes

On Sun, 12 Dec 1999, Stefan Rieken wrote:

> Donovan, would you please either point the link on
> http://independence.seul.org/developers/web-howto.shtml
> about the "generic template" to an existing file, or delete it? It is
> currently a broken link (to http://independence.seul.org/template.html
> ), and I don't know what to do with it.

It doesn't seem broken to me. If you check the html code, you'll see the
#includes, of the header and footer, and the other formatting. The reason
the page appears blank is because the file is .html, but has no html code,
only includes which only get parsed in .shtml files. I guess. 

Perhaps this needs to be stated with the link. If it's confusing to one of
our current web site editors, then it probably isn't clear to upcoming
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