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website changes

Hello all,

please look at
and follow the link "networking" to see the changes I have made to the
website in order to fit in Jean Francois Martinez's State of the
Distribution. Comments are of course always welcome.

The old "status" page can be found at
. This page is about Indy 5.2, which is AFAIK obsolete. Please look at
this page and see if it still contains valuable information. If I don't
receive requests for keeping some of its information I will delete that
page later on.

Donovan, what should I do with all the really "old" pages? Like
download-old.html. Are they still of any use?

Donovan, would you please either point the link on
about the "generic template" to an existing file, or delete it? It is
currently a broken link (to http://independence.seul.org/template.html
), and I don't know what to do with it.