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There are two important tasks for which I need volunters.

First is keeping the development of glxmesa under watch.  It is still
too buggy for including it but it looks fast enough (at least if you
have a card allowing you to use hardware rendering) for allowing use
of games like First Gear Flight Simulator.  There is an RPM of glxmesa
under the rawhide directory of RedHat's site but it is so low quality
you cannot rely on it and you will have to install by hand (so the job
is technical)

Second task would be to rebuild XFree (contact me for this one so I
shipo you Indyy's fixes), the kernel and the glibc using gcc-2.95.
This would give a fair performance boost to Independence.  I did it
but this is huge upload and I have limited bandwidth.  The job is
basically a no brainer 'rpm -ba specfile'.  The only one who gives
little problems is the kernel because you have to do it as root and
because once it is finished you have to do it another thime but this
time 'rpm -ba --target=i586 SPECS/kernel-2.2.13.spec' and still
another time 'rpm -ba --target=i686 SPECS/kernel-2.2.13.spec' I warn
you that XFree alone requires 1 and a half hour on a K6-2 450 and
needs some 500 megs of disk space.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses