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Re: Volunteers?

JF Martinez wrote:
> There are two important tasks for which I need volunters.

> Second task would be to rebuild XFree (contact me for this one so I
> shipo you Indyy's fixes), the kernel and the glibc using gcc-2.95.
> This would give a fair performance boost to Independence.  I did it
> but this is huge upload and I have limited bandwidth.  The job is
> basically a no brainer 'rpm -ba specfile'.  The only one who gives
> little problems is the kernel because you have to do it as root and
> because once it is finished you have to do it another thime but this
> time 'rpm -ba --target=i586 SPECS/kernel-2.2.13.spec' and still
> another time 'rpm -ba --target=i686 SPECS/kernel-2.2.13.spec' I warn
> you that XFree alone requires 1 and a half hour on a K6-2 450 and
> needs some 500 megs of disk space.

If you tell me where to get the source, et al., I can do this one.  My
machine at work is a P2-333 with almost 2GB free on the Linux partition,
a nice wide pipe to the Internet, and it runs all the time.  I can start
it when I leave work and send it off when I get in the next day.  I'm
running Indy 6.0-0.8.

Brian Wiens