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Re: New sync

> Jean Francois et al:
> I've just attempted an ftp install/upgrade of 6.1-0.8.

At this atge I didn't make the distrib "installable" (that is I didn't
the files listing the packages).  I just uploaded things who were
sleeping in my disk, replaced old packages with new ones, ensured every
source packageas there and so on.
Purpose was allowing testing of individual packages

However the problems you have wern't supposed to happen (see below).

> I installed 6.0-0.8 the same way a couple weeks ago, which worked fine,
> except for no sound.

Use sndconfig.  It does a nice job, of course you card has to be

>  After entering
> ftp:   ftp2.seul.org
> dir:   independence/Indy-6.1-0.8/i386/
> message says ' Loading second stage .... ' for about 30 secs or so, then the
> screen clears to blue, and it hangs there. The "Welcome to ... " message
> stays on the top, and the cursor blinks in the bottom left corner.

At this time the install present in the site is the original from RedHat
6.1 so it is supposed to work.  Only things I could think too is that
you choose the wrong boot disk.

Indy will not use an install basedd on 6.1 because I think 50 megs of
scarce CD space is too much to pay for a graphical install.  Until we
get time for making it support more than one CD I prefer using the space
for additional application programs and base on the 6.0 non graphical

> Secondary question: Will I be able to upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1 this way?


> Top o' the season!
> Lorne.

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		Jean François Martinez

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