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diff between RedHat and us


could anybody tell me what the differences are between a generic RedHat
6.0 distribution, and ours? And if those differences aren't all
overruled by RH 6.1?

I finally got the 6.0 CD-ROM and all I can say is that it is quite a
difference with my old Debian. All the setup tools that I missed so much
are there now, e.g. it took me no time to configure my Samba printer.

OTOH I was kind of disappointed by the fact that it took me 4/ 5
installs to get RedHat working (because the installer autostarted some
daemons that weren't even installed so that Init flipped), and I was
never prompted to make a normal user (and am still not sure how to do it
best in RH, and why my "home" dir contains dirs as "samba" and "httpd" -
that was different and more logical in Debian), I can use Netscape as
root, etc. 

Anyway, I am delighted about the linuxconf initiative, although it still
doesn't quite follow all the Rules for a Good GUI. The RedHat installer
is also nice but not directly entirely comprehensive.

Anyway, I wonder what's left behind for us to do that RedHat and Co
(Corel) will not do themselves quite soon. Wonder if we not just "carry
water to the sea".

I know this is discussed before (but back then I assumed that the diff
between Debian and RedHat wasn't THAT great). I know that this could be
endless. If you are afraid that you would KEEP answering this question,
then add it to the FAQ.