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Re: The end of a dream

What can I say.

I am a bit in shock for your decision; not that I can argue against it.
I am sure that this decision was not taken lightly and that you put
a lot of thought in this.

The question I would like to ask is, could we somehow still keep
being around by changing our nature? What I mean is since Indy as
a distribution has not attracted enough people and momentum to
speed things up maybe it would be a good idea to go back to the
way Indy used to be in the back which is (I think) an add-on for
new users to ease their life and entry into Linux.

It could be that Jean Francois Martinez (and others) could write
about how things could become easier for the new user including the
applications you (JFM) have already created/customised etc.
If this is done then maybe the major distributions would embrace
our way of thought and share some of their resources (or maybe I
am dreaming). What I just suggested might be 100% against our
principles so I am not sure of what we can or will  do.

None the less I would like to apologize for not contributing as
much as I would like to have.


At 23:11 12/12/2001 +0100, Jean Francois Martinez wrote:
>I stop Independence.  I noticed that nobody
>else had tested the software I had put for download and that
>after release there would be nobody for trying to speak about
>it and it ideals.  I cannot do this while trying to improve
>Indy.  Thus I stop.
>I still believe something like Indy is needed because for one
>side we have free distros who don't care for the "unwashed
>masses" and for another side we hacve commercail distros who
>in those times of CD burners and ADSL lose lots of money selling
>boxes and try to recoup with support.  But support is bought for
>mission critical applications (read servers) in companies, not
>by private individuals.  And that means commercial distros will
>not make a push for the common user in the foreseeable future.
>That is why I dreamed in a distro made by people willing to take
>charge and do something for other users.  But it was a dream.
>Jean Francois Martinez
>Project Independence http://independence.seul.org
>Because Linux should be for everyone