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The end of a dream

I stop Independence.  I noticed that nobody
else had tested the software I had put for download and that
after release there would be nobody for trying to speak about
it and it ideals.  I cannot do this while trying to improve
Indy.  Thus I stop.

I still believe something like Indy is needed because for one
side we have free distros who don't care for the "unwashed
masses" and for another side we hacve commercail distros who
in those times of CD burners and ADSL lose lots of money selling
boxes and try to recoup with support.  But support is bought for
mission critical applications (read servers) in companies, not
by private individuals.  And that means commercial distros will
not make a push for the common user in the foreseeable future. 

That is why I dreamed in a distro made by people willing to take
charge and do something for other users.  But it was a dream.

Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence http://independence.seul.org
Because Linux should be for everyone