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Re: mirroring

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, William Merriam wrote:

> Eddie Maddox, like me, is trying to maintain a mirror of the distribution.
> I believe his question was essentially  "Where is the new file?" and was
> not about the web site.
> It seems more relevant now. The question "Where is the new file?" is not
> primarily a server-related problem and is not best answered on a web site.
> answer is different for different site visitors - depending on when they
> last visited, of course.

Oh, goodness.

Look, it's very simple:

On the Indy home page it says in the most prominent place,
"Go here to see the repository".
So, with my lynx browser, I do.

This "repository" screen changed lately, so now I cruise down to
"console-apps/", and go there.

See where it says, "browse the ftp repository"? Go there.
(A little redundant, I know.)

Now you notice, I hope, some directories.
Two of them are "distribution" and "differential".
Which to use?

Go to "distribution".
Now you see somewhere, "INSTALL". View it, please.

Third paragraph:
"An alternative ... Independence.tgz ... RPMS ... disk installation."
Perfect. Just what I want to do.

Fourth paragraph:
"In case ... the "differential" directory ... respective to ..."
Does not apply to me.

So, the "distribution" directory is the one I need.

> From jfm2@club-internet.fr
> The special xinit in the distribution/differential directories was
              ^^^^^        ^^^^^^^^^^^^

> broken: it didn't provide a dependency.
> It is now correct.

So, we are looking for:

- xinit (assumed to be a package, not clear)
- in the "distribution" directory
- with "now"'s date

Now, recall that that INSTALL file, paragraph three, said, "RPMS"?
Well, in that "distribution" directory cruise down to "Independence".
Go there. "RPMS"! Amazing!

So, in this RPMS directory, we use the lynx browser search feature "/"
to search for "xinit".
Results: "xinitrc" with date of "Dec 24".
Meaning: 1. wrong name, 2. wrong date.

1. "xinit" is missing
2. "xinitrc" isn't what was meant since the date is not "now"'s date
3. unless "xinit"/"xinitrc" (whichever may have been meant)
   just hadn't made it to this RPMS directory yet.
   (Still hasn't as I write this.)

Action: I sent the message saying:
>* I can't find it. Does the web site have it yet?

From merriam@apisdn.com
> Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 12:26:24 +0000
> From: William Merriam <merriam@apisdn.com>
> To: Eddie Maddox <emaddox@sihope.com>
> Cc: William Merriam <merriam@apisdn.com>
> Subject: Re: Broken xinit

> >* I can't find it. Does the web site have it yet?

> If you mean the ftp site, then yes:

> ftp://independence.seul.org/pub/independence/glibc/redhat-compat/xinitrc-1.6

> -1Indy.noarch.rpm

Oh. So it's "xinitrc", not "xinit"?

And, it's not in the "distribution" directory after all?

Nor is it in the RPMS directory of the "distribution" directory as INSTALL
had said?

Pardon me for just trying to make sense of/analyze things,
but, isn't that what we have a brain for?

Pity the poor novice types (which we were/are ourselves)
whom we hope to spare such as all the foregoing frustrations.

Eddie Maddox, emaddox@sihope.com