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Install stopper.

Using latest boot/supp disks from RedHat site
I tried another Indy install from my disk mirror of the Indy distribution.

I did have the new xinitrc.

Phase 1, before reboot:

Screen: "comps Error"

package Independence-release at line   92 does not exist

        peruser                       298

        XFree86-devel                1214

(Note: the above is a condensed version of the error messages.)


Phase 2, during reboot from boot floppy written in Phase 1.:

Last message on screen I saw said something about "Appletalk".

Then screen scrambled with "Usage: route ..." junk at various places
all over the screen.

Pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL. That worked.

With Debian 2.0 booted I checked my Indy partition.

I happened to notice /var/lock had permissions of 775 and ownership of

Nothing obvious in /var/log or /tmp files.


Anyone have similar experiences?

Anyone have explanations?

Anyone have fixes?

Eddie Maddox, emaddox@sihope.com