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Re: Install stopper.

Ok. I think I'm synced up with the Indy site plus Red Hat errata.
This includes the 4 FEB 99 uploads with the new hdlist.

I also used the Indy disk images this time, since there are some now.

Installation results:
The good news is not much worse happened.
The bad  news is not much improved, either.

I'll just use my last report as a template:

> ------------------
> Phase 1, before reboot:
> Screen: "comps Error"
> Errors:
  package XFree86-devel at line 1400 does not exist

> (Note: the above is a condensed version of the error messages.)
> ------------------
> Phase 2, during reboot from boot floppy written in Phase 1.:

Forgot this before, but still a problem:
The Red Hat/Indy boot/supp disks read in fast (30 seconds?),
but the reboot disk (written during Phase 1)
takes about 5 minutes to be read.

The boot/supp disks and reboot disk should all read in
just as fast, not some fast and the other slow (~5 min.)

This _must_ be fixed.

Also, please remove the LILO timeout.

It's very hard to hunt-n-peck "l i n u x S" or whatever, during reboot
when the keyboard isn't yet configured (I use dvorak-r) and LILO then
decides to take off without waiting for us to finish typing first.

> Last message on screen I saw said something about "Appletalk".
> Then screen scrambled with "Usage: route ..." junk at various places
> all over the screen.
> Pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL. That worked.

No change.

I repeat: _No change._

I did reboot with "linux S" which got to "bash#" ok.

Then I tried "linuxconf" (a newbie would never know about this).
Linuxconf kept saying,
"Error: Can't read file /etc/redhat-release
No such file or directory."

So I couldn't do anything with linuxconf.

> -------------------------------------------------------------------------   
> With Debian 2.0 booted I checked my Indy partition.
> I happened to notice /var/lock had permissions of 775 and ownership of
> root.00000014.

No change.

> Nothing obvious in /var/log or /tmp files.

No change.

> -------------------
> Anyone have similar experiences?
> Anyone have explanations?
> Anyone have fixes?

There were a couple more bugs, but I'll let you work on all these

> Thanks,
> Eddie Maddox, emaddox@sihope.com