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Indy web site help.

On Sat, 6 Feb 1999, Donovan Rebbechi wrote:

> I have some time. Like I mentioned, I have a rebuilt software list sitting
> on my webpage on cran ( http://cran.mit.edu/~donovan/rpm )  which lists
> all RPMs in the distrib by category and includes links to the
> dependencies. 
> I have some time on my hands now, and can overhaul parts of the website.
> If you can send me the stuff you have already written, I can post it and
> have it all hooked up with the main page. 

Thanks, Donovan.

I was thinking of offering to help, also,
but I need the software support to make that happen.

In fact, composing web pages (now evolved into "communities")
is my primary reason for having a PC.
But, I refuse to use Windows, DOS kept crashing and
mangling my file system, etc. etc.

So, having become familiar with Unix in the late 70's in college
I looked around the 'net for a Unix I could run on my PC.
This was ~1992. I found Linux. Life did -not- improve.

I use Debian, but last year I wasted $40++ US on Red Hat 5.1.
(I had read it was easier to install, configure and use.
Well, yes and no. So I stick with Debian for now and just browse
with lynx and do some email.)

So now I find Independence. (I lurk daily at linuxhq, etc.,
I saw an announcement somewhere.)
I realize Indy is young yet, and needs time to grow.
But, can I at least get some real work done now: doing web pages?
We will see.

If I sound testy at times, it is only a small taste of
how much frustration I have endured since ~1992, and continue to
endure, and still not being able to get any web pages done.

I hope I can help Indy become the delightful tool for non-wizards
that I know Unix/Linux can someday be. I know many people and groups
are trying to address some of the frustrations I share with others.

But, as of yet, I can't offer to help. The software support isn't
there yet. Not for me, at least.

Thanks for your willingness to help Jean out,
Eddie Maddox