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Hacking the website

The following sections have received updates : 

Front page: 		some minor changes 

Added distribution page posted to mailing list.

Software section: 	a "by-category" software list is in place

Developers section :		

still a bit of a mess. Obsolete stuff moved into a
directory for "old stuff" so that it's clear that it doesn't represent the
current state of the project. The page about project status  has been
redone. There is a list of software in the "differential" section complete
with package summaries.

Stuff that needs work: 

-- the developers section still needs some work, and some texts outlining
current project aims, and what needs to be done.

-- manifesto: this is dated. Do we have/need a new one ? 

-- bookmarks: some of these are out of date or dead.


-- Donovan