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Re: Install report, 5 FEB 99.

> This is a problem.
> I am using the Red Hat 5.2 errata packages for XFree86
> Could that be why?
> Was I required to (is a newbie suppose to have to)
> do any manual X configuring before entering "startx"?

I downloaded and put in my test disk the XFree86- server for my
video card along with what strictly needed.  Then I did a complete
install and it worked.

Did you apply the upgrades by hand?  Is it the same server than
before?  The messages point that one of the symlinks leading to the
real X server is pointing into thin air.

Two more problems surfaced: when I rebuilt xfstt I didn't do it
properly and the profile scripts for mozilla_config are broken.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses