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X, new problems.

On 7 Feb 1999 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> > I am using the Red Hat 5.2 errata packages for XFree86

> Did you apply the upgrades by hand?  Is it the same server than
> before?  The messages point that one of the symlinks leading to the
> real X server is pointing into thin air.

I got it working. But, two new problems. The scoop:

0. I use plain old generic VGA color card & monitor. I have the VGA16
server. So, I thought, that can't be it.

1. I checked the Indy web site and, thanks to Donovan's categorizing
of the ftp repository, noticed XFree86-xfs is not listed as a X server
but as a basic X package. Guessing that means I needed it I got it
from a RedHat mirror somewhere. version.

2. I didn't mention before, maybe should have, that Xconfigurator
showed up during installation in the Unresolved Dependencies screen
with no recommendation.

Well, when getting XFree86-xfs, I noticed a newer Xconfigurator, 3.89.
So, I got that.

3. Tried the install again.
No Unresolved Dependencies screen.

Xconfigurator 3.89 asked me lots of questions.
** But, not about keyboard mapping or screen size in pixels.
See below, please.

4. Did reboot, created user acct., logged in as user, entered: restart
Well, it worked, but.

Two new problems (had these with RH 5.1, also):

1. X/KDE did not detect/ask/autoconfigure the keyboard mapping
to what I had selected during the installation.

2. The mouse cursor would go off screen right & bottom, causing scrolling
horizontally & vertically a bit. In other words, it's thinking I have a
bigger screen than the 640x480. It should have known/asked what size, in
pixels, my screen is.

Thanks for your help and quick fixes
(I don't reply to everything right away, a lot of work.
But, I do read them all, and they have been helpful
and well thought out. I'm concentrating, though,
on getting Indy working to my liking.
It's coming along.),