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Re: Hacking the website

> I've grabbed the tarball and put what I believe are the new additions up
> on the website. Summarised as follows:
> *	New "distribution" section
> *	Changes to main developers page
> *	FAQ and new TODO list added to developers section. 

First there was a new front page and the repository part was accessed
from it.  I don't find it.

> *	New mail list page up ( though it looks the same as the old one
> ... (?) )

There was a new form.  I feel many people who filled in believed they
were just subscribing to the mail list so I made text more explicit
that this was for participating.  I lost countless hours e-mailing to
people who had filled the form and never answered, in addition it was
very bad for moral.


			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses