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Re: X, new problems.

> Xconfigurator 3.89 asked me lots of questions.
> ** But, not about keyboard mapping or screen size in pixels.

> Two new problems (had these with RH 5.1, also):
> 1. X/KDE did not detect/ask/autoconfigure the keyboard mapping
> to what I had selected during the installation.
> 2. The mouse cursor would go off screen right & bottom, causing scrolling
> horizontally & vertically a bit. In other words, it's thinking I have a
> bigger screen than the 640x480. It should have known/asked what size, in
> pixels, my screen is.

I was just reading the Guidelines document from the Indy web site.
"o) Delivering ready to use applications" seems pertinent here.

"... [parameters that] can be deduced automatically must find their way
[into] config files ..."

X parameters for 1. keyboard mapping and 2. screen size in pixels
should both be "deduced automatically" and then "find their way
[into] " X " config files".

1. Keyboard mapping is already asked for in a dialog box early in the
installation process. It might also be in linuxconf. Whenever X starts, or
something changes the mapping while X is running, X should take note and
do likewise.

2. During Xconfigurator, perhaps having dialog boxes with two rulers
displayed, verticle & horizontal, marked in # of pixels, would allow
us to confirm/correct the detected screen size, even if autoprobe is


Something like that maybe, only in pixels, not characters.
And the same vertically.