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Re: Hacking the website

> On 7 Feb 1999 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> > First there was a new front page and the repository part was accessed
> > from it.  I don't find it.
> This page has several dead links on it. You have links to a "we want
> drivers" page, a "myths page", and an "advocacy" section. These pages are
> not in the tarball. Should I post the index page with the dead links
> removed ( or ar there some more docs somewhere ... ? ) 

The "we want drivers" is something I want to start and I have to write
the page.  The advocacy page for now would have two links: Kevin's
text about the war between KDE and Gnome (I find it awfully good), of
course in case he agrees, and my own text about the lack of
significative performance improvements brought by kernel compiling
(the LinuxGazette version is more recent than the one in
Independence-features).  I am sick when I see Windows-oriented
magazines warn their readers about keernel compiling.

The "myths" link should point to advocay/myths.html ie the text about
kernel compiling.

> > There was a new form.  I feel many people who filled in believed they
> OK ... I see now.
> btw, I did a find across the website tarball. I believe that besides the
> front page, I have included all the changes you made ... 
> cheers,
> -- Donovan