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Re: X, new problems.

> On 7 Feb 1999 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> > > I am using the Red Hat 5.2 errata packages for XFree86
> > Did you apply the upgrades by hand?  Is it the same server than
> > before?  The messages point that one of the symlinks leading to the
> > real X server is pointing into thin air.
> I got it working. But, two new problems. The scoop:
> 0. I use plain old generic VGA color card & monitor. I have the VGA16
> server. So, I thought, that can't be it.

Generic VGA is 16 colors only.  On a PCI box the install will choose the
server for you.

> 1. I checked the Indy web site and, thanks to Donovan's categorizing
> of the ftp repository, noticed XFree86-xfs is not listed as a X server
> but as a basic X package. Guessing that means I needed it I got it
> from a RedHat mirror somewhere. version.

Xfs is a font server.  Most users don't need it.  The one who is of
some use is xfstt (provides you True Type fonts) but presently the RPM
is broken and doesn't install cleanly.

> 2. I didn't mention before, maybe should have, that Xconfigurator
> showed up during installation in the Unresolved Dependencies screen
> with no recommendation.

That is because your Xconfigurator didn't match the X version.   3.89
needs package XFree86 in version.  It is not enough to get a
new X server.

> Well, when getting XFree86-xfs, I noticed a newer Xconfigurator, 3.89.
> So, I got that.
> 3. Tried the install again.
> No Unresolved Dependencies screen.
> Xconfigurator 3.89 asked me lots of questions.
> ** But, not about keyboard mapping or screen size in pixels.
> See below, please.
> 4. Did reboot, created user acct., logged in as user, entered: restart
> Well, it worked, but.
> Two new problems (had these with RH 5.1, also):
> 1. X/KDE did not detect/ask/autoconfigure the keyboard mapping
> to what I had selected during the installation.

But did you get the right keybopard mapping?

> 2. The mouse cursor would go off screen right & bottom, causing scrolling
> horizontally & vertically a bit. In other words, it's thinking I have a
> bigger screen than the 640x480. It should have known/asked what size, in
> pixels, my screen is.

This is a feature known as virtual screens.  It gives you the maximum
res the card is able to contain in its memory even in case your
monitor can't go as far.  Experienced users love it, unexperienced
ones hate it.  I want to remove it but not in this version.

> Thanks for your help and quick fixes
> (I don't reply to everything right away, a lot of work.
> But, I do read them all, and they have been helpful
> and well thought out. I'm concentrating, though,
> on getting Indy working to my liking.
> It's coming along.),

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses