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Re: Delays and clean install

On 11 Feb 1999 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> relatively frequent releases (perhaps one by month) with small
> improvements a bit like going from patch level to patch level in the
> linux kernel.

I like this plan. A lot. But, keep up with RH errata, etc., too, please.

Debian & RedHat release too infrequently by taking on too much at a time,
it seems to me. Even though they do fairly good work.

> Kernel 2.2 would be great for PR but I am inclined to let it for 0.2.

Kernel 2.2.2 is soon out. Linus wants that one to last awhile. He knows CD
stampers hate frequent kernel releases. So, I can wait.

Having your 0.1 release note say that Kernel 2.2 is expected in 0.2 may be