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Delays and clean install

I was over-optimistic.  In fact I have just finished to remove bugs
from present packages.  I now got a clean install but at 1.15 am I will
not upload the fixes tonight.

Once I do it I will build KDE 1.1 then modify a bit the hc-cron
package in order to avoid a problem when upgrading from RedHat 5.2 and
I will put it in the distrib in place of vixie-cron.  The later will
go to "additionals".

Then modernize wine and peruser (news reader).  Then release.

Adding Blender will probably be for 0.2 and I intend to make
relatively frequent releases (perhaps one by month) with small
improvements a bit like going from patch level to patch level in the
linux kernel.

Kernel 2.2 would be great for PR but I am inclined to let it for 0.2.
The longer I delay releasing the more time there will be slow
progress due to lack of man power.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses